Writers of Witney Guest Speaker – an introduction to Ben Jeapes

Ben Jeapes

One of the most important aspects of my own development as a writer is all the things I’ve learned – and continue to learn – from hearing other authors talk about the way they work, where they find inspiration and their experiences with both the craft and the business of writing. As I was putting this course together, I knew that including other perspectives to my own was crucial.

Our first guest speaker will be Ben Jeapes, who can offer a wealth of experience and advice, as his bio explains –


“An overdose of TV science fiction as a child doomed Ben Jeapes to life as a science fiction author, and he took up writing in the mistaken belief that it would be quite easy (it isn’t) and save him from having to get a real job (it didn’t). Hence, as well as being the author of several novels and short stories, he is also an experienced journal editor, book publisher and technical writer.

He has ghost-written several series of children’s novels, which to his annoyance make more than his own writing. In his own right he recently self-published a pair of contemporary fantasy novels: THE TEEN, THE WITCH & THE THIEF, and THE COMEBACK OF THE KING. Prior to this his professionally published novels were HIS MAJESTY’S STARSHIP, THE XENOCIDE MISSION, TIME’S CHARIOT, THE NEW WORLD ORDER and PHOENICIA’S WORLDS. His short story collection JEAPES JAPES is also available, containing 17 short stories originally published in INTERZONE, FANTASY & SCIENCE FICTION and other venues.


His ambition is to live to be 101 and 7 months, so as to reach the 1000th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings and the arrival – as family lore has it – of the man responsible for his surname in the British Isles. He is English, and is as quietly proud of the fact as you would expect of the descendant of a Danish mercenary who fought for a bunch of Norsemen living in northern France.
He lives in Abingdon and his homepage is at www.benjeapes.com

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