Creative Writing in Witney

Unfortunately a writing course needs a minimum number of people to be viable, both financially and to generate the most productive and creative group dynamic. We did not reach that minimum (by a frustratingly narrow margin) for the course I had planned for this autumn so I have been forced to cancel.

I was prepared to run these sessions for a minimal return; I cannot afford to make a loss.

I remain entirely willing to run sessions explaining and exploring the key skills essential to turn an exciting idea into a compelling piece of finished fiction. 

If you would be interested in any or all of the following run as single events, either evenings or weekends, please let me know in comments below, detailing your preferences and what prices you consider reasonable.

Two to three hour session on a particular aspect of creative writing, consisting of a presentation followed by a collaborative group exercise to get a practical feel for this particular element of writing.

Where do you get your ideas from? Laying a firm foundation for a story.

Who are these people? Creating characters your readers will really engage with.

Where and when?Creating a sense of place and atmosphere.

Narrative voice.Who’s telling this story and how to make them unique.

Novel, novella, serial or short story?Key differences and challenges.

The tools of the trade Making every word on the page count.

Editing, the essential skill. Giving and taking criticism. A first draft is only the first step.

The 21st Century Publishing Industry How the book trade works and how to work with it.

If you would be interested in either or both of the following, similarly, let me know

A round-table writers’ critique session

An author-led ‘Book Club ‘ evening

Guest speakers – local writers sharing their experience and insight into various and often very different areas of writing and publishing

To share any other thoughts or to ask questions, email

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